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We seek to provide timely and professional solutions for our customers, so that they can fully engage themselves in their business lines. We value the personal relationships with our customers and seek to honor those relationships in our provision of service.

Our view of technology incorporates the good and productive usage which it can provide, but is tempered by the realization that fallible humans created these devices and programs. Having millions of lines of code and operating at millions of instructions per second, these devices and programs can certainly have "unexpected behavior" occur. Thus we tend to recommend customers adopt minimalist attitudes: keep your machines' startups clean; don't load programs you don't regularly use; consider trying things out on a small scale first...etc

And... BACKUPS... are important. People find this out when a crash happens and they don't have adequate backups to go back to.

When we are helping a client transition to new infrastructure, we take into consideration how we can get them back to where they were or how we can get them to a workable state should problems arise.


Our background includes extensive hardware and software experience and expertise.

Our main Principal's college degrees include a Masters and Bachelors degree in Engineering from Stanford Engineering, in addition to professional designations including EIT and ARM.

He has also served as a past columnist for PC Resource magazine and is Microsoft certified.

Performance Micro, Inc. is licensed by city and state, is insured and certified, and is ready to assist you.


Performance Micro has been directly in the business of providing computers and computer services since 1986. We have also provided our customers with extensive network design and support since the early 90's.

Our general view of service provision is as follows:

  • Determining Customer Needs
  • Solutioning and Design Work
  • Communication
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Support and Followup Communication & Documentation
  • Training

In addition, the full gamut of establishing and maintaining office computer systems and networks have been performed, such as the following:

  • Cabling
  • Writing software (firmware, operating systems, and applications)
  • Transferring or salvaging data
  • Installing and Configuring software
  • Providing new computer systems
  • Upgrading older computers
  • Designing and installing entire networks
  • Internet Connectivity, Firewalls, Routers, Remote Access

For additional information, please see our Services page.